Another Club Championship Weekend Completed

Men’s Singles Club Championship results:  Daniel Geaney defeated John Geaney 21-18; Graham Growcott defeated Allan Blackman 21-11; Graham Growcott defeated Sean Hird 21-18, ending with a final between Graham Growcott and Daniel Geaney.  Graham started slowly being 1-7 down before he found some consistency.  A good ‘four’ in the latter stage gave him the initiative to close out the game 21-16.

The Men’s Fours final between Nick Thompson (S), Peter Hurle, Sean Hird & Graham Growcott and Daniel Geaney (S), John Geaney, Doug McNamara & Tony Holdsworth was an interesting tussle.  Daniel’s team went out fast notching up an 8-1 lead before dropping ‘eight’ shots in the next two ends.  Nick managed to keep the pressure on to lead 14-13 after thirteen ends.  At 2 down on the 14th end Nick had the end killed; the replayed end saw Nick’s team ‘stacking’ the shots in and Daniel’s team being unable to retrieve the situation and conceding a 19-13 victory to Nick.

In the Women’s Triples Helen Lister (S), Marie Edmondson, & Joanne Williamson defeated Margaret Aldous (S), Marion Vague & Shona Moffat 22-19, on an extra end.  Mary O’Keeffe (S), Debbie McNally & Myrine McMahon defeated Lucy Waterhouse (S), Bina Santram & Margaret Schipper 23-10.  Helen’s team went into the final with two lives and was defeated by Mary’s team.  A date has yet to be set for the final replay.

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