Championship Singles

The Women’s Singles has now been completed.  The semi finals saw the two lifers Barbara Lyon and Mary O’Keeffe playing off with Barbara winning.  Mary O’Keeffe went on to beat Fleur Grenfell leaving a final match up against Barbara who won 21-9.

The Men’s singles field of 34 entries saw several of the favoured players meeting stern opposition ending their tournament!  The last games of the second day had Graham Growcott defeating Daniel Geaney 21-5, Sean Hird defeating Garth McFarlane 21-17 and Allan Blackman defeating Jay Dayal 21-12.  The third day will be Saturday 23rd February with the only two lifer Graham Growcott playing Allan Blackman, Daniel Geaney playing John Geaney, and Sean Hird having a bye. 

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