Saturday Interclub

Interclub got away to a fine start last Saturday.  The Club has three men’s teams and two women’s team participating over six weeks.  Each team consists of two fours, each team of four playing a fours and pairs match.  A fours win scores 4 match points while a pairs win scores 2 match points.

The Men’s Premier team proved to be the stars of the day winning 3 pairs and 1 fours from six games played, and are in third position.  The Division 1 team found the opposition rather formidable for a first day. The Division 3 team managed two wins in the morning but was unable to improve this result in the afternoon.

The Women’s Premier team managed 2 wins and a draw while the Division 1 team scored two wins.

It is set down for three rounds to be played next Saturday and team managers are looking to improve on results from the first two rounds.

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